Here's what I believe: Wedding photography should be fun.  A wedding (or whatever word you want to use to celebrate your rockstar day of love) should be about love, plain and simple.  As a result of this strong belief I have, I think that I approach wedding photography a little differently than others in the field. 


My wedding photography is a photojournalist style, which is basically a fancy word for candid. I'm all about capturing the moment, rather than positioning you and 30 of your closes friends into really cutesy poses--I feel that takes away from the spontaneity and joy of the event.  Starts raining in the middle of the ceremony? Flower girl drops all the petals at the start of the aisle? Groom loses his vows five minutes before the ceremony? Dad cries as he gives his little girl away?  All of those are moments that I will catch as part of your special day.

I promise to calm you down when things get stressful rather than rile you up.  I also will go to bat with your Great Aunt Sally if she's being a problem or bringing the 'tude.  I can be bossy if you need me to be and I can also stand in the background and shoot the hell out of your wedding without causing any fuss or drama. I swear. 

I understand how important photography is to a couple (trust me, when I got married, it was my biggest concern too!). Before your wedding we'll meet (or chat on the phone for long distance couples) at least twice to discuss exactly what you are hoping for and to get to know one another.  I consistently work with an assistant photographer, who also happens to be my husband, which helps to ensure no fabulous moment is missed.

I typically will take between 5-8 weeks to edit and process your photographs at which point I will send you a link to access the work from the comfort of your home.  All of the packages I offer include the digital print rights so you can make your own prints and albums.  I also offer a variety of albums and books for you to choose from as an extra special way to display your event. Click here to check out my wedding gallery.