Watassa Wedding Photography is about helping people feel comfortable to celebrate as they are, as they wish.  Catching moments that others miss. Shooting the emotions and the joy, rather than the details or the posed, overly composed shots.  We’re not about creating a staged narrative.  We’re here to collect each moment as the day unfolds.  Telling a story, the true story, of your day.

Watassa is a Native American word meaning “place of peace” or “Nirvana”.  From the 1950s to 2004, my family owned a hunting lodge in Northern Michigan we called Watassa. To attempt to describe this home would be doing an injustice--words cannot touch what this place meant or how it felt. It truly was the best place.

When I think of Watassa, I think of the very best of my life--the happiest moments, the best spot, the most beautiful place, the place where I want to go when I die--and that is the type of photography I want to do for my clients--the best, the happiest, the most beautiful, the honest and authentic, the moments you want to remember for your entire life.

Watassa Wedding Photography is about collecting memories from the day presenting them all to you--the hilarious, the fantastic, the beautiful, the weird and the emotional. I'm a photographer who sees and loves the emotions and I do not, in any way, believe in shooting weddings to be featured on blogs or on Pinterest. I believe in shooting weddings that will convey to anyone who had to miss the day that it was a knock down, drag out, real talk love fest complete with tears of joy, huge laughs and giant smiles. 

Watassa is a strong advocate and supporter of same sex marriage and is honored to work with same sex couples in Michigan and beyond.