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Welcome to the newest (and we think coolest) offering of Emily Alt Photography: Pop Up Rolling Elopements for 2013/14.  There is a TON of information in the FAQ page, so be sure to check that, but in the meantime, the short story is below: 


Here's the deal--I found myself too often talking to brides who kept saying versions of the following:


"Well...we're really excited to be married...but planning the wedding has been such a pain.  My mom wants these flowers and my dad won't walk me down the aisle because I'm living in sin, and my great aunt twice removed has to sit really close to the front so she can hear, but my great uncle can't be anywhere near her, and then my dad keeps asking weird questions about the mayo rotting at the reception and....AHHH! I just want to get married and have FUN and not have all this stress!" 


Guys. Newsflash--weddings and marriage are supposed to be fun.  They aren't supposed to cause your hair to fall off with anxiety of ensuring that everyone around you is ok--they are about YOU and your Tru Luv 4 Eva and sometimes (too often) that gets lost in this thing we call the wedding industry. 


I'm an Airstream!

I'm an Airstream!

I'm a wedding chapel!

I'm a wedding chapel!

(HINT: The Pop Up Rolling Elopements is sort of like this wedding chapel and this Airstream trailer had a baby) 

Thus, introducing Pop Up Rolling Elopements.  We make a stop in your city, or a city near you, or a city you just think would be totally awesome to get married in, we arrange it all--the officiant, the bouquet, the champagne, the snacks and the photography.  You get it ALL in a one stop wedding Pop Up, all in front of a vintage Airstream.  

The whole shebang takes about an hour and you pay just $1500 for a rad (and legal!) wedding, a great story to tell the kids (or dogs) and a pretty stress free introduction to the world of wedded bliss.  


Interested? Sweet. Just fill out this form below to get in touch and we'll get going on making sure you have the coolest, chillest, and most awesome wedding this side (or that side) of the Mississippi! 

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Bummer! All current 2014 spots are booked. BUT....we are considering adding ONE more day of Pop Ups in Northern Michigan in late August--interested? Holler at us, or suggest another location for 2015!