1) Waaait, a POP UP wedding chapel? Huh?! Tell me more! 

Yup, that's it exactly.  The Rolling Elopements PopUp is just what it sounds like--a Pop Up Wedding chapel that rolls through your neck of the woods (or maybe you're hopping on a plane to come meet us somewhere fabulous!) just like Vegas!  The only difference is that we're working out of a vintage Airstream trailer, rather than a cinderblock, no coolness factor building on the lower strip.  

2) So, what do I get for this Pop Up Rolling Elopement package? 

For $1500 you get the following:

* 15 minute private ceremony performed by Ian (He's cute. He has a beard) with 20 of your closest friends and family in attendance in a styled setting with the Airstream as a major player.

* A pretty handmade floral bouquet.

* Photography of your ceremony and 30 minute couples session with digital print rights (a $1200 value!)

* 2 donated bottles of bubbly champagne plus a small gourmet picnic with some snacks for the post-ceremony bliss hunger sesh. 

+ A ROCK SOLID story of how you got hitched at a beautiful beach in Minnesota or a state park in North Carolina or in front of the rock walls of Santa Fe in an Airstream wedding chapel.

3) Neat!! Can I personalize the ceremony at all?  I have a really emotional poem I want to read in my vows.

Sure, you can definitely still write your own vows and personalize your ceremony as much as you would like.  As long as it remains under 20 minutes, you can do what you want.  You do you, as all the kids are saying these days. 


4) HOLY COW! That's so great! Can I invite like....100 people? Or maybe I can just come watch others tie the knot?

Sorry, we need to keep these ones small, so 20 guests is the limit and absolutely no outsiders are welcome to play lookey loo--these are private ceremonies, folks.  

5) Darn it. I'm already married! Can I still participate? 

SURE! We'd love to offer vow renewals as well!  And they are only $1000! What a great way to reignite that Tru Luv 4 Eva vibe? 

6) What should I bring to make sure the whole thing is legal and binding and all that lawyer-ish stuff?

You provide the marriage license (vow renewals and same sex in non-supportive same sex states are, of course, welcome, no license required!) , yourself, your fiance, your friends and necessary witness, a rockstar outfit and a penchant for good fun.  We'll take care of the rest.  The whole shebang will be about an hour and then you can go out for a rad dinner or a picnic or just some old fashioned lovin'!

7) I want to do this, but I've already got a photographer....and a caterer...and a reception site....

Sorry, we're not in any way interested in taking jobs from other professionals.  You'll just have to sit on your hands and wait til it's vow renewal time, I guess. 

8) NICE! I want to get married at the Pop Up on September 17, 2014--can you just roll through Anchorage then? 


Sorry again--we're on a 3.5 month road trip already with 2 canines, a vintage trailer and loads of other photography work to do, so we've got to stick close to the Pop Up dates we've set.  Please note that at this point we are NOT sure if we will offer Pop Ups for 2015.  We would like to, but cannot promise it at this point. If you are SURE you want a Pop Up, then you should book for THIS year! Seriously. It will be amazing. 

9) I am wetting my pants with excitement and I cannot wait to book!  HOW!! HOW?? HOW?!!! 

Rock out on the form below.  We can only accommodate 6 couples per location, so get in touch ASAP if you're interested!

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