My husband Ian and I shoot together about 98% of the time for weddings.  Working with him is really great for a few reasons: 

1) He is totally able to get the bridesmaids into some ridiculous group shots that are fueled with fun, energy and (sometimes) tequila.  Girls just love this guy. 

2) He has an amazing eye, which I think he inherited from his Grandpa Tony.  He totally gets wedding photography. Naturally. 

3) He can read my mind about what lens I'll want about 10 seconds before I know I need it. 

4) We know exactly the shots that the other is capturing, so we end up with double the awesome moments.  When you've been together for 12 years, you can sort of read the other's mind. 

5) After a wedding he usually buys me a beer. Which is the thing best ever.  



A few more interesting tidbits about Ian by Ian:

1) I have a major in Spanish from Hope College, but my real passion is drawing a cartoon I started when I was in 10th grade called The Talking Potato.  He's basically a stick figure who tells it like it is and has a problem with overeating and bad choices.

2) I am absolutely fascinated by abandoned buildings and cannot drive past an empty hospital, school, gas station, motel or restaurant without stopping and insisting on investigating it.

3) Speaking of investigating, my dream job would be a private investigator doing stake outs and watching for trouble from the front seat of a 1974 Dodge Dart.

4) I once inadvertently fed a beagle 30 chicken wing bones, not knowing that dogs do not process bones, and then I panicked, but she ended up to be just fine.  Lesson learned.