Syn: Goddess of Denial/Defense/Refusal


You are a woman who denies powerlessness. 

You are a woman who denies being grabbed or groped. 

You are a woman who denies living in fear.

You are a woman who defends  her body.

You are a woman who refuses to normalize rape culture. 

You are a woman who refuses powerlessness. 

You are a woman who embraces ferocity.

You are a woman who embraces independence.

You are a woman who embraces strength. 

You are a woman who embraces hope.

You are Syn.

I Am Syn is about women from all across the state (country?!) coming together and showing ourselves and others that we are more than just a gender checkbox.  

We are mothers, lawyers, business owners, doctors, scientists, police officers, writers, educators, thinkers, doers, believers, hopers, and, most importantly, fighters.

How are you Syn?

Is it that you've raised your children as a single working mom? Did you pay your own way through graduate school? Do you work in a male dominated industry? Did you live through a divorce to provide your children more stability? Do you run a small business? Did you experience a miscarriage? Did you need the secure health care of Planned Parenthood at some point in your life? Did you leave an abusive relationship? Are you changing the world through advocacy? Do you speak your mind when you are confronted with adversity? Do you read? Do you speak even when you are not spoken to? Do you identify as a "Nasty Woman" who holds others to high standards of respect? Do you raise your children with kindness and hope in their hearts? Do you stand up for those without a voice? Are you fiercely protective of women's rights in your own community?

Regardless of how you demonstrate your feminism and activism on a daily basis, you can participate.

You are valuable. 

“Feminism is not a dirty word. It does not mean you hate men, it does not mean you hate girls that have nice legs and a tan, and it does not mean you are a bitch or a dyke. It means you believe in equality.”
― Kate Nash


100% of the proceeds from these events will be donated to Planned Parenthood, the Grand Rapids YWCA, The Trevor Project or the ACLU, all organizations that support human rights and work tirelessly to protect them. 

A $100 donation is suggested, but anyone can participate, regardless of giving ability.

For your participation in the I Am Syn Project, you'll get the following:

  • 30 minute private portrait session

  • 5 digital files of yourself as Syn

  • Self written "I am Syn" statement to be included in the album for our Congressional women leaders along with your portrait of choice

The Breakdown:


You + any of your family members you wish to include.


Private studio space.


January-April 2017


$100 suggested donation.

All proceeds from the I Am Syn Project will be donated to Planned Parenthood, the ACLU or the YWCA (participant's choice).



Each participant will get a 30 minute session and all digital print rights + participation in the I Am Syn portfolio. 


To deny powerlessness. To give the middle finger to the patriarchy and all those who counted us as less by voting for a man who does not value women. To stand with other Syn-ful women. To show this country we stand for strength. I could go on and on....


Ok, this sounds rad--but is it boudoir?

Not necessarily--it certainly can be (imagine yourself in a pair of undies, nursing your baby, flipping the camera off), but it does not need to be. Women are fierce and powerful no matter what they are wearing, so whatever makes you comfortable and feel amazing is appropriate. If you work in an industry that has a particularly interesting "uniform", that could be something to consider. These photos are for you, to demonstrate your strength and ferocity. Wear something that makes you feel powerful.

My partner is a feminist, can he participate? Can I come with my same sex partner?

Absolutely. So can your kids. Or your mom. Or your pets. Or really anyone you wish to participate in your session. 

I'm a guy, but I care about women's rights. Can I participate?

Absolutely. Yes. Of course. You're more than welcome!

I don't know...I'm not that "badass" or "nasty"....

Yes, yes, you are. It's not even a discussion. If you are a woman, living a day to day life, you are a rockstar. Stop doubting yourself and book a spot. 

I want to participate, but I can't get to Grand Rapids.

I get that. I really want you to come to Grand Rapids, because it's awesome, but if you can gather 5 or more women in your hometown who are ready to be Syns for this project, then I will do my BEST to get to you and make you part of the project. Really. Sign up. I'll work my unicorn magic to make it happen. 

What will you do with the photos?

At the conclusion of the I Am Syn Project, we will compile your portraits and statements into a printed portfolio to be mailed to our female Congressional leaders as a reminder that YOU are the women they are working for each day in Washington DC. The I Am Syn portfolio will also be available for purchase if you'd like one of your own. 

I'm ok with Donald Trump. Should I still participate?

You're welcome to...but truthfully, it's not really for supporters (or normalizers) of Donald Trump. This event is, in many ways, about telling others (and yourself), that you are NOT ok with rape culture, groping, misogyny, objectifying women and marginalizing people, which are, unfortunately, factual aspects of our President Elect's behavior. 

Meh, I'm not seeing how this will make me feel any better. All I want to do is keep my head under the covers and wallow in self-pity lately. How will it help?

It will help, trust me. Just in the past 7 days I've started brainstorming this, I feel 10000% better than I have for the past 6 weeks. There is something enormously powerful about working for a cause greater than yourself and bringing hope to others.  This project will give you and women around you hope. I promise. 

I want to participate, but I can't donate $100 right now. 

Don't worry. I want you to participate no matter your giving ability. You can pay in installments, if you'd like, or you can pay $1.  I just want YOU. Sign up, I promise, we'll figure it out. 

I want to donate, but I don't want my photo taken.

Darn, really? That's a bummer, but I get it.  First, you should know it is SO lovely to have your photo taken...really. Ask any of my former clients. It's not bad at all. But if you're REALLY camera shy, maybe you would like to donate to another Syn-ful woman's participation? If so, just let me know!

How can I help spread the word?

Social media share this! Talk to your friends and family members. Tell all the good people. We want as many Syn-ful as possible for these events!

Cool. I'm ready to sign up.

Awesome. I am already proud of you. Fill out the form below!

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