Hi. I’m Emily and I'm the face behind Watassa.

I’m born and bred in Michigan, lived the past 7 years in Chicago, spent the past year traveling the country and living in a 31' Airstream trailer named Priscilla and then moved back to my hometown of Grand Rapids in 2014.

I'm married to Ian, whom I met in 3rd grade. He loves hot sauce, exploring abandoned houses and French house music.   We recently bought a Leelanau County farmhouse built in 1902. When we walked inside it for the first time, our realtor said, “Well, this is a tear down.” We’re not tearing it down. We’re renovating it. One dusty room at a time. I saved his life in Thailand 8 years ago. For real. 

I also teach high school English, run a lot of half marathons, obsessively read Pat Conroy novels, and run 5 Twitter accounts for various characters from The West Wing.

I like kids, but don’t want my own; I'd rather adopt dogs. We have two rescue dogs, Tasha and Ruth Ann ( named after a character from Northern Exposure). I have read The Great Gatsby over 300 times and wrote a 65 page dissertation about the novel. 

I loathe dancing in public, though I listen to country music like it’s my job.  I swim a lot in Lake Michigan and one time I’m convinced I saw a dead body while swimming near a Chicago beach. I once operated an online message board answering questions about the original Beverly Hills 90210 (and yes, it was a dial up modem connection).  I binge watch a lot of TV while editing--currently up: The Americans.