On the Road: Yoga practice.


Ian and I had this conversation at least 5 times before we left for the road: 

Ian: Are you excited about this road trip? 

Emily: Yes....are you?

Ian: Yes.... 

Emily & Ian: Why the hesitation? 

Ian: Well...I just want to make sure we get enough exercise.... 

Emily: OMG, me TOO. I am so glad we're married. WE MUST STAY ACTIVE. 

So we planned on 45 minutes of exercise a day on this trip and so far we're doing pretty well.  We walk ALL around these cities we get to and go running, but today was the first time I had to do my yoga practice inside the trailer.  See, it's about 34 degrees and windy, windy, windy this morning in Memphis, and while it might sound cool to do a really intense yoga practice on the banks of the Mississippi River with your hair blowing all around, it just ain't in the cards today.  So, what did I do? Rolled out my mat, organized the "living room", set up my Om on the Range podcast, and practiced anyway.  And it was fabulous. The great thing about yoga is you don't need much space at all--only the space it takes to roll out your mat, and, even in an Airstream trailer, you can find that much space. 

30 minutes of yoga practice led by my favorite teacher from Om, Beth Kiely, later and I feel great and ready to conquer the world.  Om on the Range is my favorite studio of my life and moving away from Chicago was hard because I had to leave behind Beth, Terry, Liz and all the other amazing teachers at Om.  But, as I've mentioned before, they are geniuses because they have about 10 podcasts on itunes that allow you to take your Om practice anywhere you go.  They range in length from 30 minutes to a full 90 minute class and they are just the right dose of yoga medicine when you're traveling and far from the studio. 

Today during my practice I spent time to really consider stretching and using my muscles as much as I could to their fullest potential.  I have noticed that when I run a lot, my yoga suffers--I get tighter faster, my hips are sore, my arms feel weak.  But yoga, like swimming, comes back to me right away and quickly and I feel strong after only a few practices.  My goal for the trip is to do 3 podcasts a week of varying times--maybe 4 if I can make it.  I want to be able to return in April strong, (slightly) leaner, and ready for half marathons and triathlons this summer. 

Travel makes you consider a lot about this idea of home and place.  What it means to have a home and how we establish our place in the world.  Having my mat with me on this trip and having a place to call home for even 30 minutes a day during my practice is extremely rejuvenating and allows me to recenter myself.  Thank you, as always, to Beth and Terry for creating not only such an amazing studio, but also such great podcasts that allow me to practice and reflect, even hundreds of miles away from the Windy City.