Up North! Welcome to July!

 Full moon over Glen Lake on June 13, 2014, on the way home from the Pop Up wedding in Northport.  

Full moon over Glen Lake on June 13, 2014, on the way home from the Pop Up wedding in Northport.  

Guys. I made it.

June is OVER!

June was the month that had been giving me massive anxiety!  Here's a run down of the numbers and why my calendar looked like a rainbow had thrown up on it:

9 weddings

3 Pop Up Weddings

4 Lifestyle sessions

12 face to face meetings

3 phone meetings

3 Skype meetings

4 states

Over 5,000 miles of driving

2 plane rides

2 days of moving out of the cottage in Grand Haven

Phew! But now it's all over and July looms before me like a wide, blank swath of beautiful clarity....well, not really, we have a big month still here:

3 Pop Up weddings--the last 3 for 2014!!

Lots of lifestyle shoots in Northern Michigan

1 house to start renovating in Empire, several meetings

1 sponsored post with A Practical Wedding next Wednesday (sort of the highlight of my quarter. Really)

1 REBRAND ANNOUNCEMENT(I am soooo nervous/excited for this one!)

But compared to June, that's a cake walk.  We arrived to Empire late on Sunday evening, just in time for an epic sunset, a wonderful hike through the woods with the dogs, and a burger at Art's (truthfully, I almost broke my "no drinking" dedication for a beer, but I stayed strong--we're going on 5 weeks and counting!).  It is so good to be up here and enjoy some silence--Grand Haven was starting to get pretty crowded the last few weeks there and there is nothing better than waking up in the morning to only the sound of crickets and birds and the rising sun over the lake.  We have lots to do with the house this month and Ian is already hard at work ripping up the floors and filling dumpsters.  I am very excited to see the house start to come together and to become the vision we've had for it--it will be a slow process, of course, but the process is a huge part of the fun.  This week I'm editing, tying up some loose ends, getting my new website ready and preparing for my post with APW--my hope is to take the last 2 weeks of July totally off from work and really enjoy the time up here, but in order to do that I've got a load to catch up on first.

I hope you are all enjoying the beginning of this lovely month and have a fantastic 4th of July weekend.  We're hoping to have some friends/family up here for a little work party, watch some small town fireworks and just generally revel in being still for a few days!