August Contest Reminder!

Don't forget that this August you can enter to win 1 Boudoir Photography session with me!

YOU: "Boudoir photography?! Eeek, isn't that like all dirty and sexy? Well, gosh, I'm just way too shy for that! No way!"  

ME: "No, not at all! Boudoir photography is sensual and pretty and totally a fun way to get some superb photographs. I promise it will be lovely and I won't make it creepy or weird. I swear."  

YOU: "Hmm...that WOULD be a pretty great present to give to my significant other...." 


Sort of nervous about a Boudoir session? Don't be!


These are a great way for ladies out there to get some fabulous and tasteful pictures done that will knock your partner's socks off---plus, I'll bring along a bottle of champagne so it's super comfortable and relaxed.  Come on, it's a free session, what do ya got to lose?


Use the form below to enter! Contest ends on August 30 at 11:59pm.  Transferable as a gift. No cash value.  

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