Popping Up up on Offbeat Bride!

Check it out! I'm up on Offbeat Bride today and they're talking all about the Pop Up Wedding Chapels. So, as amazing as OBB is and I know A Practical Wedding will be about getting the word out, truth be told, I can't afford any more advertising on these Pop Ups, so that's where you come in--I am SO stoked on this, guys, and I would love, love, love your help in getting the word out to others!   

Here are a few ways to help that happen: 

Tweet about it--I'm not the most skilled Twitter rockstar, but some of YOU are! So throw it out there in 140 characters or less. 

Post a link on Facebook to the Pop Up page of the website--Some of your FB friends might be totally looking for a fabulous way to tie the knot, and this could be it! 

Throw it up on Instagram--people be thirsty for some IG promos, and it's a great way to get the word out.  Maybe even consider making a cute little pic promoting it like I did below using Over


Blog about it--calling all lifestyle bloggers! If you wanted to do a quick shout out about the Pop Ups, that would be so, so awesome!  Maybe you know a lifestyle blogger? Send it along to him/her!

Good old fashioned word of mouth--Hanging out with your friends tonight and the Pop Up happens to come up? That's awesome!  The more people talking about it, the better, so if you feel like spreading the info just by chatting, I'd be over the moon appreciative.