Weekend Catch Up. Happy Monday.


Happy Monday, all!  Hope you all had a fabulous weekend of enjoying the new Fall weather and college football (did Michigan win? I heard a rumor?).  This past weekend was pretty much off for me, which was wonderful--I've had a couple weeks off from weddings, which has provided me with some much needed catch up time.  The weekend for us, in no particular order consisted of the following: 

--We FINALLY ate at Morning Star Cafe here in Grand Haven--this has been a long time coming....like 12 years! And let me tell you, it was worth it.  The cinnamon roll? Cat's. Pajamas. 

--Too many episodes of Friday Nigh Lights--I've watched this series start to finish probably 3 times now and it does not get old. Love it so much. 

--Hammock time spent finishing the Steve Jobs book and getting into my Jim Harrison book. 

--Family session at Robinette's orchard with my awesome EGR friends Jessica, Erik, their son Ben and her parents--Ian assisted me and it was wonderful to spend some time hanging out in the orchard on a cool Sunday evening. 

--Visited briefly with my parents-in-law and they said that we look the most calm and relaxed they've seen us in years--which is like...the best compliment ever! 

--Farmer's market on Saturday morning in Grand Haven--they have concord grapes.  Boom. 

--Sent a gallery over to Erika and Nate, my fun couple from earlier this month, and she is super excited about the pictures, which makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. 

--Booked a wedding in Chelsea, MI for October of next year with a fellow U of M couple--so looking forward to working with these two! 

--9 mile run on Saturday morning--I'm training for the Grand Rapids Half Marathon and went out for a slow (and too painful) run Saturday morning, but finished strong and enjoyed a biscuit I had been saving all week from Bang Bang Pie Shop as my reward.  

--Probably a painful run because I spent Friday going for a 5 mile run, an hour long body surfing session in 50 degree water and a wetsuit and an hour long pool workout with the West Michigan Master Swimmer's.  Ian said, "We sure do get a lot of exercise living here," and he's super right. 

--We went for a long walk yesterday morning down the beach.  Exploring the beach in the off season when no one is around is just the best. 

--Had a super fun dinner with my mom and family and friends last night--my mom made my grandpa's spaghetti and we spent a lot of time talking about Art Prize and coming up with pretty ridiculous Art Prize installations for our entry next year.   


This week is insane with sessions, bringing the Airstream down for polishing, editing engagement sessions and getting ready to head to the East side of the state on Saturday for what is sure to be an awesome reception at a barn--then Sunday, it's the Allegan Antique Market with my sister-in-law.  Have a fabulous week all.   

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