Boudoir Sessions. My New Favorite.


I shot a boudoir session a few weeks ago that was like....beyond fun.  It was with a fabulous client of mine who shall remain anonymous as she is planning to give her true luv the photos as a suprise gift, but let me just say that we both had a great time.  It was all about taking some time to really celebrate her awesome body, rock out to some great tunes, drink some wine and shoot some photos that will end up to be (I have NO doubt about this statement) her honey's number one favorites of all time.  Cause she's beautiful. And the photos totally reflect her beauty!

Boudoir sessions celebrate who you are and how hot you are--at this time. At this moment. At this junction in your life. And that's something that we, especially we women, tend to forget--our lives go about 1342 miles a minute and taking the time to slow down, to appreciate the rockstar body and personality we were given is a rare thing.  They can be as sexy or as sweet as you prefer--there is no "one stop fits all" for these sessions--they're personal and they're fun. Really. I promise!

So, I'm going to run a special on Boudoir Sessions.  Sessions booked by November 1, 2013 will be $150, rather than the normal $300.  These are a GREAT gift for your significant other, or just a really cool way to embrace your body--all the goodness of it!   

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