Funny Faces! Grand Rapids Family Photography.

Sometimes making funny faces is the best way to get through a family photography session.  These 2 kids, Lindsey and Bradley, knew that, way before us adults caught on.  Let's be honest--family photography can be a total blast, or it can be a little tough.  Maybe the weather isn't ideal, or someone's nap didn't go well, or the outfits wind up not looking right--there are all sorts of things that can be a little off and, as any busy mom can tell you, that is pretty stressful!

This photo session below was focused on the kids and I ended up loving the pictures of them making the funny faces the best--these two kids didn't care if things weren't perfect, they just wanted to hang out and have a blast! And we did!  Thanks so much to Lindsey and Bradley for helping to remind us all that nothing should ever be taken too seriously!