Thank You: Elizabeth and Lara


I had mentioned I would be doing several "Thank You" posts to specific clients who have really helped me become the photographer I am today--the first two clients to receive the "shout out" are Lara and Elizabeth.  They are both super busy moms with 2 little ones--Laura lives in the suburbs of Chicago and Elizabeth in the suburbs of Grand Rapids.  Both of these ladies, though, are a HUGE reason why I have as many family and lifestyle sessions booked for the next year as I do.  When I started Emily Alt Photography, both Lara and Elizabeth were amazing in finding me loads of clients--moms groups, friends, Bible study partners, family members, they sent anyone and everyone my way.  It has been because of Elizabeth and Lara's awesome marketing of my work that I have as wide a client base as I do.  

Lara was one of my first sessions in the suburbs.  I met up with her and her two little ones, Lily and Marie only a few weeks after Marie was born.  It was a hot night for our first session, but the 4 of us had a great time and Lara also turned me to a great article about the importance of moms staying in the picture when they are photographed with their families.  Elizabeth (truth time) is my sister-in-law and beyond that fact she is also like a super-mom. Her two kids Graham and Annalee keep her so busy, but she always finds time to send awesome shoutouts to her friends about my work, which has allowed me to double my client base.  Thanks so much, Laura and Elizabeth for believing in my work right from the start and working as my unofficial (though extremely helpful) PR ladies!