Happy Monday & Pop Up Packet Preview!

First things first, Bon Appetit is apparently giving out tips for eating well whilst camping.  I think we've pretty much got all of these down already, but it's still a lovely article and, as always, wonderfully photographed.  Enjoy!


Happy Monday--

Phew, busy weekend! Highlights include, but are not limited to:

--Allie's 18th birthday and dinner with the family! Weirdest part was remembering when she was 6....how time flies!

--Visited RuthAnn at my sister's house--both are doing great. RuthAnn is like...in charge of those cats. It's good to see.

--A visit from the Grand Haven police on Friday night (don't worry, all is well, more on that later)

--Swimming at the YMCA (Seriously, I am the youngest person swimming laps by a good 15 years.)

--Tacos, tequila and jokes with friends in Holland. Mostly jokes. And 1 really long story--thanks Josh, Andrew, Sarah and Rob and Lisa for listening to the entire situation and at least pretending to be interested!

--Mike Robertson and his dog (again, more on that later)

--Finally cleaned the upstairs bedroom/clothing room.  You can now see the floor.

--Visited with Jessica and Erik finally and remembered that they are total rockstar friends and we are so glad they are in our lives.

--Attempted to eat at Morningstar on Sunday morning only to find a 45 minute wait. Came home and steamed tamales we had brought home all the way from Austin instead.  Probably way better.

--TONS of editing and work, pretty much full days on Saturday and Sunday, but I am determined to get some relaxation time before we head out on the road again and finishing up these weddings is the only way that's going to happen.

--Dinner with my mom, Amy and Wally on Sunday night--a fab chocolate cake to end the meal. Lovely. 

--Plans and updates on when we're heading back out on the road--we're antsy and missing the Airstream! Heal up, Tasha, heal up!

This week's mission is also to get the Pop Up Packets out in the mail to our Pop Up clients and they are coming together quite nicely.  I promise I'll do a full post of all the details and goodies, but for now, revel in this adorable postcard announcement!