2015 Pop Ups....and Beyond!

Hello there! If you're here from the lovely MLive storyy   or the equally blush worthy A Practical Wedding feature over the past two weeks--hurrah! welcome! I'm so glad you're here!  I am feeling lots of love and warm fuzzies towards all of you regarding your hope for Pop Ups!

I can say too that having so many people touch base about the possibility of booking a Pop Up wedding is quite surprising to me.  I sort of anticipated these peetering out as the year went on, but apparently that's not the case.  And I am SO GLAD. Seriously, Pop Up weddings are the cat's pajamas times infinity--they are SO WONDERFUL (why haven't you booked one yet??).

But I am also teaching full time and trying to be very careful about doing too much that will cause me to feel as I have for the past few months--like a worn out old shoe.  

It's true. I did too much in 2014 (as my students would say, "Ms. Alt, you doing too much" meaning I'm asking too much of them....here is a case of me asking too much of myself) and this led to a few late nights thinking, "Do I want to do this anymore? I'm just so tired!"  But at the end of the day I realized, I DO want to do this and I DO love it.  

There is nothing in the world better than helping two lovebirds say their vows and make their love official...plus with the Supreme Court hearing the same sex marriage policy this summer, fingers are crossed SUPER tight that we'll be able to officially welcome our same sex brothers and sisters (legally) into the mix too...cause, for real America, it's time to be a little more cool with everyone.  Hating is so 2010.

Thus, I am working through how to approach the Pop Ups moving forward into 2016.  It is highly possible they will still take place, but without the Airstream--we are thinking of selling old Priscilla (truth be told, she's awesome, but we could use the cash!), and I've been exploring other ways to make the Pop Ups just as fantastic, simply without an Airstream--ideas I've floated include using a teardrop trailer, renting a fabulous location each time, or even staging some weddings in the orchars at our Leelanau farmhouse.  Either way, it is an adventure.  

If you're here because you'd like to book a 2015 (or 16) Pop Up wedding, please fill out the form below! In the meantime, THANK YOU so much for your continued love and support--we couldn't have come this far without all of the amazing clients and couples who were willing and excited to put their trust in us to throw their Pop Up wedding.  



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Currently we have 2 dates for 2015 weddings below. 1 spot remains for June and 3 spots remain for July. We are considering offering a September date, but it is not finalized as of yet--if you are interested in that date, please select that option and we can go from there. ALL dates are in Leelanau County, Michigan.