Pop Up Traverse City: Aimee and Jeremy's Airstream Wedding!

What do you get when you combine a beautiful cherry orchard, a vintage Airstream trailer and a super in love and up for anything type of couple?  The Traverse City Pop Up wedding, of course!  Here are Aimee and Jeremy, one of our 3 amazing couples from the June TC Pop Up that we held in a privately owned cherry orchard near Northport.  Aimee and Jeremy live full-time outside of Detroit and in addition to be avi beekeepers (RIP Hive of 2014 winter), rock climbers and dog enthusiasts, they are also just plain adorable. They arranged for their family to arrive in a 20 person bus (no carpooling necessary and you could booze on the bus--huge bonus!) and after the Pop Up threw a great celebration back in Traverse City at the Park Place Hotel.  Aimee looked absolutely stunning in her BCBG dress with peonies in her hair (a nod to her grandmother who passed but loved the flowers) and an improvised denim jacket to combat the Northern Michigan wind.  We had such a fantastic time celebrating with these two--they were joyful, in love, excited, passionate, intelligent and super kind--I really want them to move closer to us so we can be beekeeping/dog loving/hang out all the time drinking Michigan beer kind of friends.

Congratulations Aimee and Jeremy!

Venue: Cherry Home Orchards/Airstream trailer // Dress: BCBG // Flowers and Styling: Amy Baker // Officiant: Friend of the couple/Ian DeGraaf // Photography: Emily Alt Photography