wedding date: 2032

"I was wondering if you will be in Michigan this weekend and could take some pictures of Annalee wearing my wedding dress."  What an interesting request from my sister-in-law.  A 3 year old....wearing an adult wedding the woods.  This I could not pass up.  Over the weekend I had the chance to spend time with friends in Grand Haven, and my sister-in-law, Elizabeth brought her two darling children out for some fun in the sun on the beach.  As we were winding down the afternoon of waves and sand, she managed to convince her oldest, Annalee, to "put on" her wedding dress--and the below photos are what ensued.  Annalee was definitely tired for her romping in the water, but she indulged us in a few photos, nevertheless. The main activity she was interested in was walking my very gentle dog, Tasha, around the cottage (see last picture), which we indulged her in as a reward for her great behavior during the wedding dress shoot.   Elizabeth wants to use this photos in 20 years or so when it's time for Annalee to walk down the aisle for real--what a great Save the Date idea from one of the most creative and fun moms I know! Enjoy!