2 More Pop Up Spots to Book!

Happy SPRING! Woo hoo! We made it! I know I was feeling those last few days of winter pretty hard over here, and while part of me hope for a snow day this week, the idea of stomaching 8 more inches of wet, cold snow, that we know will eventually turn to grey, dirty snow, was just too much. My thoughts to our neighbors in Leelanau, as I know you encountered Mother Nature's final shake of winter!

It's been awhile since I've blogged, and I hope to change that, but first things first--we have 2, yes, 2 open time slots left for the June 17 and 18 Pop Up Wedding event in Leelanau County to be help at the Modern Farmhouse.  After that....no more Pop Ups, people (see what I did there?).


$2500 total

10 guests + you and your partner (same sex couples, holler at me, I want to make your Supreme Court dreams come true!)

Flowers, snacks, champagne

ALL your photos and digital print rights

Styled shoot, Airstream trailer, space for your puppies to run

It's all over, legal and taken care of in 1 hour--that way you can focus on your MARRIAGE instead of your WEDDING.

Plus, it's super fun. 

Sound perfect? I thought so. Head over to the Pop Up page and fill out a contact form today!