What's in My Bag: Wedding Photography

Today I'm going to talk a little bit about my most favorite lens of my life: my Canon 35 mm 1.4.  Oh. My. Lord I love this lens (even enough to put periods between words which I sort of hate).  Long story short--I sort of bought this lens in a panic when we had to emergency shoot a wedding in West Michigan in March.  I had been debating between the 35mm and the 50mm and the 1 camera store in West Michigan didn't have a 50mm in stock, so I went with the 35mm and am I glad I did (not that I don't pine for the 50mm everyday, because I do).  This lens is amazeballs.  I can shoot wide open late into a reception and never need to use my flash--it's that fast and that sharp. I use it constantly for group shots and formals in addition to having it on my camera almost all the time when we travel--it can get details if I need it to, so I also use it in the getting ready shots for the couple.  And it's sexy.  I love it. That is all.