What to Wear on your Fall Mini Shoot


This weekend on Sunday morning I'll be shooting Mini Sessions at the Blue Bridge in downtown Grand Rapids and I'm looking forward to seeing some of my favorite families all dressed up for Fall 2013--Mini Sessions are a LOT of fun because 1) they are super short and 2) they are inexpensive, so there isn't a ton of pressure on the kids to be just perfect.  I've got a few spots left, so if you'd like to come out for some fun photos, just send me an email at emily (at) emilyaltphotography.com!   

One of the most frequent questions I get is about what to wear for photo sessions.  It's totally normal to want to have the very best outfit to put your very best foot forward, but I also think that sometimes folks put too much pressure on themselves to look perfect--I think we all remember those forced, stiff, family photos where EVERYONE is wearing khakis and white button downs on the beach (if you grew up in East Grand Rapids, don't even try to play that you don't remember those photos.  I think they were a prerequisite before enrolling in EGRPS).   But the thing about family photography, at least from the way I approach it, is that it should be fun and relaxing--I don't want you to smile awkwardly at the camera..sometimes I don't even want you to look at the camera! I want you to be as natural as possible and having as much fun as possible.

Now, if I had a theoretical family and I was getting ready for my family pictures, I would want to be comfortable--that is first and foremost the most important part about planning your outfit.  Especially if we're shooting in a field, or an orchard, or on the beach, you don't want to be tottering around in stilettos--remember, you'll be walking around, so you want to be wearing clothes that allow you to move, breath and navigate comfortably and safely.  Below are some examples of what I would want my family to wear if I were to be posing for photos--comfort, reflects my natural style and vibe, yet not overly dressy or overly casual.   

These outfits might not reflect your style, but as long as you stay along these lines, you'll be good to go!