Sky + Jon: Northern Michigan Engagement Session

Sky and Jon have an awesome relationship with one another and with the land where we shot this engagement session.  Several years ago, while looking for a space to spend a quiet weekend in Northern MIchigan, Sky happened upon this beautiful piece of property near Bellaire, MI.  After booking it and visitng for a weekend, she ended up befriending the owner, and now they return several times a year for a getaway from their home near Ann Arbor.  When Sky asked if we could shoot the session there, of COURSE I gave an enthusiastic "Yes!".  Ian and I made the trip over from Empire, and were welcomed into a nearly magical place.  Not only did we have a great time shooting with Sky and Jon, our dogs got a chance to hang on the propety too and do some exploring.  Congratualtions, Sky and Jon, and thank you so much for such a great evening!