Link Love on this Frozen Friday.


It seems like every post I've written for the past...oh, 5 weeks has started with something like "It's cold. It's snowing. I might eat my arm off."

But...wait for it:

It's cold.

It's snowing.

The wind is being clocked at 40mph and the only road leading out of our driveway and into town is BLOCKED by a police car (we're not sure was there when we came back from Meijer where every citizen in Grand Haven was storm panic buying loaves of white bread and cookies to prepare for a weekend inside).  It's like beyond a white's like a white blowing sheet was draped over the entire city of Grand Haven. I mean, you can't even SEE the lake, guys.  It's that bad.

So we might officially be stuck inside....all weekend.

NO. I will not let that happen.

In fact, I went to the gym this morning and did an extra intense workout (1 hour in the pool, 3800m, thank you very much Butch Briggs and 1 hour, 6.4 miles on the treadmill watching the inane conversation between Al Roker and his cohosts), just so I could go downtown tonight, watch the Human Sled Pull at the Winterfest and eat a cheeseburger. So come hell or highwater, I'm going downtown and I'm eating that burger.  And drinking a Two Hearted.

Annnnyway, I knew that you were all probably hoping for some links to check out since you might be stuck inside like I am, so here ya go--enjoy, stay warm, drink hot drinks and cuddle in, cause, according to Al, it's not getting better any time soon. 


  •  Women's wedding wear that isn't a white dress--wedding wear that is actually pretty rocking masculine. Adore this.
  • The Biebs had a rough week and apparently doesn't remember a whole lot of it.
  • Currently reading this lovely biography about Elvis and it's pretty darn interesting.  First things first, being named Elvis in the 40s wasn't common--who knew?
  • Oh don't worry, an amazing film that basically makes you crave summer so badly you can taste it--best part? It's all set at Camp Wandawega AND Paul Octavious shows up a few times.  
  • Also, I found this recipe and I sort of lost my mind.  
  • Speaking of recipes, as soon as I'm done with this blog post, I'm into the kitchen to make lemon curd.  And this recipe is the best one I've found (it should be noted that I make and eat a LOT of lemon curd.  More than the normal person, I'm nearly sure of it)
  • I am totally excited for the Olympics. I absolutely love a good Olympic montage of family members weeping as their Olympians crosses the finish line juxtaposed with said Olympian standing majestically on the mountain looking into the distance.  And this ode to the Olympics from Ebb and Flow only got me more excited.  2 weeks people. 2 weeks. 
  • NATIONAL CHOCOLATE DAY IS MONDAY:  Did you get that?  I follow Oh Happy Day on Instagram and love their feed, but I've just recently started reading the blog...and it has recipes. With chocolate. Including these birthday cakes. And my birthday is on Tuesday. So I'm like "Is it ok to make yourself a birthday cake?" And I think it is.  Tasha agrees.  

That is all. The Elvis biography and lemon curd are calling my name.