March 2. Rolling Elopements Part II.

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We have a departure date for Rolling Elopements Part II--March 2!

As you know, we were forced off the road and into the Polar Vortex for the bulk of the winter due to Tasha's broken leg, but she is cast-free now and slowly learning to put weight on her new bionic paw (complete with metal plates--fancy!), and the vet has given her the green light for travel--thus, March 2 quickly approaches and we will be back in the Airstream, with 2 canines, 2 Pop Ups to throw for our amazing Pop Up couples and a lot of miles to cover.

Our route is as follows:

--Grand Haven to Raleigh (where the Airstream is parked in storage)--2 days

--Raleigh to Hunting Island State Park--1 day

--Hunting Island to New Orleans--8 days

--Board dogs, fly to Chicago for a wedding in Milwaukee and one the next night in Chicago, fly BACK to Charleston--3 days

--New Orleans to Phoenix--5 days

--Phoenix to Santa Fe--8 days

--Santa Fe slowly back towards Michigan--10 days

Our intent is to arrive back to the Mitten around April 15 or so.  We're super excited about this second leg of the trip, but it is also a MUCH busier leg--we've got 3 weddings, 2 Pop Ups and various family and engagement shoots along the way, in addition to figuring out how to manage the haul from NOLA to Phoenix in a matter of 5 days.  

But, at the same time, we learned a LOT in our first round of traveling and both feel we have a much better handle on the trip and what it will look like--knowing that state parks are awesome, knowing we can sleep in a Walmart parking lot if necessary, knowing what items are and are not needed in the Airstream, knowing to steer clear of RV parks as much as possible, knowing that it's perfectly ok to stay put in one spot for a few days, and knowing how to balance work and travel life on the road in 300 square feet.  I'll keep you all updated should anything change, but in the meantime, if anyone has a driveway or an empty lot we could park in in Louisiana, Texas, Florida (northern), or Arizona, please holler at me.  

Now i'm off to work on lists of things to do in the 12 days until we depart!