Photos of the Year. Michigan Wedding Photographer.

 Having "favorite photos" isn't really my thing, but I have been spending a lot of time thinking about my style lately and my work and what I want my work to say about the couples who ask me to photograph them, so I figured that taking a close look at some of the images that really resonate with me might be a good first step.

Each of these photos has its own unique quality to it--some are specifically focused on the couple, while others are the larger picture of the venue or landscape while others are the details.  I have found that the ones of the couples where they are totally unposed and unaware of the camera are completely my favorites--no big surprise there.  

When I first started in photography, I used to think I was really into shooting the details of the wedding and I'm finding that the more I do this, the less interested in the details I am.  I'm much more interested in capturing the fabulouslness of the couples' emotions and the happiness that everyone surrounding them is feeling as they say their vows--those are my favorite shots!  

Another thing that was cool putting this together over the past few days is finding shots that initially didn't resonate with me showing themselves in a new light.  One of my favorite, favorite, favorite ones is towards the bottom on the right side--black and white of Pam and Matthew at their amazing Northern Michigan wedding--Matthew is watching the band in profile and you can just see Pam's eyes peeking out next to his shoulder at the camera.  I LOVE this picture.  It's intimate, it's quiet, but it also totally captures their love and their awesome story.  Again, this wasn't a picture I initially thought of when I first sent them their wedding months ago, but now it is floating my boat.  I suppose that's how art works--sometimes you see it in a totally new way than you might have earlier.

At any rate, enjoy--I'd love to hear which of these shots you particularly like. Leave a comment if it suits you!