Nicole & Ryan. East Lansing MSU Wedding.

Better late than never, right? I hope so! I feel awful that this is the soonest I've been able to blog Nicole and Ryan's awesome East Lansing wedding, but hopefully it was worth the wait. This wedding was--awesomesauce.

A few things to contemplate--Her dress.  Her jewelry.  Her style.  Her mink stole.  Her smile. Ryan's laugh. Their love. Her dress again. The entire amazing VIBE of this day.  The whole thing was awesome--we are so glad to have been part of the it!  Even though Ryan and Nicole are avid Spartan's (meeting in undergrad at MSU and then sealing their first date with a....wait for it...high five), shooting this wedding was a lot of fun. The whole crew was kind, thoughtful, sweet and the couple--head over heels for one another.  Plus, Nicole and Ryan added a lot of really lovely personal touches--she wore dinosaur earrings, they walked into the reception to the Jurassic Park theme song, they had a tiny bridal party of only a best girl and best guy and we walked from the ceremony to the reception site as a 5-some to capture some pictures along the way, of course stopping for a Michigan IPA en-route. 

Thank you so much, Nicole and Ryan for such a wonderful evening! We truly loved working with both of you!