In Milwaukee! Then Chicago!

We're back in the North for a whirlwind weekend of 2 weddings, first tonight in Milwaukee and then back to the Windy City for tomorrow night's.  Both of these weddings are going to be fabulous-o--Iron Horse Hotel? Vague vintage themes? Food truck dinner? Yup.  We're excited.

After we return to Charleston on Sunday morning and pick the pups up from boarding (sidenote: I have been extremely nervous about leaving Tasha for boarding, since she is still in recovery, but the folks at the Charleston Dog House have already emailed me this morning to say she is doing great, staying quiet, and watching everything from her cot in her special area. RuthAnn is taking advantage of daycare and hounding out. There's also a webcam you can watch the dogs on in daycare and I may or may not have just spent 20 minutes watching Ruth.  She is a loner. Ian told me I had to turn the webcam off because it was getting weird), we'll head towards New Orleans for 5 days where we have a wedding and a Pop Up.  I am SO excited to go to New Orleans and while we'll be massively busy there, I fully intend to eat some quality food and explore the city as well!

We're loving this section of the trip so far. The weather has been amazing and it's so nice to stay in one place for a bit longer--really soak in the feel of a town.  Our stay at Hunting Island State Park was perfect and this park is one of the BEST state parks I've ever visited--plus, being right on the ocean with a massive beach for running was about the best perk anyone could ask for.  

Stay tuned for lots of photos from this weekend's weddings as well as our travels further South.  In the meantime, some photos of our day exploring Charleston yesterday as well as a few from the sunset a couple nights ago. As far as Charleston goes--if you haven't been, GO. Now. It's amazing.  I said to Ian as we walked around, "I could walk this city all day and never get tired of it."--it's such a special place.

Have a wonderful weekend!