Pinterest. A Photographer's Take. Troy Grover.


 A few weeks ago, Troy Grover, a really talented wedding and lifestyle photographer took the time to write down what many of us in this industry have been talking about for quite some time--the phenomenon of the Pinterest bride.  

 He addressed the good, the bad and the ugly of this current issue and he did it REALLY well.  I am not even going to try to write about this, because Troy covered it all.  

It's definitely worth reading--even if you aren't getting married or are already married, just to get a good read on what it means to be working in this industry in the 2000s in the time of social media and smart phones and pinning and "liking" and "following" and all of the other verbs I'm not remembering right now.  

Now, do not get me wrong, I LOVE Pinterest.  There have definitely been a few times when I have said to Ian, in total seriousness, "I want a job where my life is just pinning all day." And he looks at me like he's ill....but I do. I get a huge thrill when I get a new follower on Pinterest--it's like a natural high.....I love Pinterest.

I find that HOURS go by and I've pinned 30000 pins and have done nothing else and I'm thirsty and a little lightheaded because I got so caught up in the pretty of it all.

And I also absolutely LOVE it when my brides share their boards with me--it's like this amazing, intimate glimpse into their vision and their dream for their day--it helps me get to know what they are looking for and prep to ensure they get the best coverage possible.  Some brides have their Pinterest boards more mapped out than anything else in their planning and that works for them--it's great!  So please know that this is not a rant against Pinterest at all. Pinterest is fabulous and I am just as addicted as the next lady out there... Seriously, whoever said that Pinterest is crack for women was spot on.  

However, Troy writes about Pinterest from the photographer's perspective and it is a really valuable reality check, not only for couples and brides, but for us as photographers as well and I found myself fascinated by his take on the tool.  I also found myself, after reading his article, even more grateful for all of my 2013/14 couples--down to earth, relaxed and (at least not yet) overly "Pinterest-y". 

Click here or on the photo below to read Troy's great essay.  Oh, and have a great weekend!