Louder than a Bomb Season!

It's that time of the year again--Louder than a Bomb, the largest youth poetry festival in the nation, is starting back up and even though I'm not living in Chicago right now, I know that there are teachers and student poets around the city who are stoked to get up on the stage at Columbia and share their stories.  I've been thinking a lot about teaching and education the past few weeks, reading some good research and talking to principals in the area about their work, and I definitely am feeling that excitement about the classroom again.  Also a great article here that articulates what I think a lot of teachers are feeling these days about teaching and the pressures of standardized tests.  

Also, in case you haven't seen the trailer for Louder than a Bomb documentary, I've put the link below.  Check it out for sure and if that isn't enough to encourage you to watch the full documentary (available on Netflix), then just talk to me for 5 minutes ago--it's truly a life changing (and saving) organization.