Love is Equal. FREE LGBTQ Photography and Elopements.

It's not much, but it's something.

Free, 100% free, LGBTQ wedding photography and elopements for those looking to marry before He Who Shall Not Be Named is sworn in as our 45th President and make Supreme Court decisions that could overturn the right for all to marry legally. If you are finding yourself suddenly trying to make plans to marry after November 8, 2016, please get in touch and I will help make it as enjoyable, beautiful, stress free, financially suitable, and as perfect as you deserve. 

Who and How:

--LGBTQ couples planning to marry before January 20, 2017 or who book a contract for Summer 2017 before Inauguration Day (this does not apply to contracts already booked).

--Travel within Michigan is included; outside of Michigan is still eligible for the free photography, but the couple would subsidize our travel.

--All digital prints rights for your day and full resolution file delivery.

--Elopements are also part of this package!

If you're interested and want more details, just send me a note and we can chat. As I said earlier, it is the absolute least I can do.

Let's show these folks that Love is Equal, Love is Valuable, and Love Trumps Hate. 

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