This week (and last) have been spent putting in 14 hour days editing (I have 5 weddings in the queue right now), so I've been passing the time with some binge watching of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman.  This is a 42 disc box set that I ordered on deep discount from Amazon (and it's already spoken for post-viewing, so just settle down), and it's been truly fantastic to go back to the early 90s with Michaela, Sully (ahhhh....deep breaths...), Brian, the original Colleen, Cloud Dancin', Matthew, Hank, Myra, Horace and the whole rest of the gang.  If you are't familiar with Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, never fear, there is a really comprehensive Wikipedia entry (sadly no Television Without Pities) that will answer all your questions.

So, as the summer continues to happen outside my windows, my tan is fading, but my heart is filling with love for my Colorado Springs gang.  I hope to be caught up on editing by the 3rd week of July and fully intend to enjoy all that Empire has to offer. I will also likely be finished watching DQMW by that point as well and will need a new show to binge upon, so please send suggestions!