East Grand Rapids Wedding Special!


East Grand Rapids, are you out there?!  Well, I know you are, because so many of you are loyal followers and supporters. Take a few moments to reflect on the days of EGR football on a crisp Fall evening, Ms. Ibarra spreading her awesome Spanish lessons to our little adolescent minds, Mrs. Mitchell jumping about her room, searching for her white horse and pleading with us to memorize "1066",  late nights in the journalism room during layout, Kabookie giving high fives in the hallway on our way to choir, musicals in April and finding out that Adam Hertz was writing a movie all about us.  Got those wonderfully Norman Rockwellian moments in your brain now?  So do it....and it's rad.    I spent last weekend back in the old EGR, checking out the new great things this halcyonic suburb offers (ie trying to determine what, exactly, is going on with that sculpture by the old Jacobsen's) and realized, "This place is super weird, but man, am I glad I grew up here."  So, in an effort to show all of you a little love and gratitude, I am offering all EGR alums 20% off wedding packages booked before October 1, 2013.  Please consider booking a fellow EGR alum to capture your wedding (that would be me!) and I promise you, you will not be disappointed.  Promise.  I like promises.... once I promised Mrs. Clipp I wouldn't cut 5th period anymore if she would she give me a piece of candy.