Winter's Green.

Maybe I'm just exhausted by the color white.

Everything in the world right now seems to be white--the Lake, the woods, the yard, my desk, my skin.....

And I'm craving green.  Green food, green clothes, green plants....

Below, a few of my current obsessions when it comes to food, cooking and our refridgerator:


KALE:  I know, I know. Everyone is obsessed with kale.  But I've been obsessed for awhile now, and it's not a new in 2014 obsession--I started eating kale years ago, way before Gwenyth Paltrow did, really, and I love it still.  I usually do my kale in a salad--I saw a great recipe for massaged kale salad in the Edible Grande Traverse magazine this summer and it changed my life and my view of kale.  This massaging allows the kale to absorb the oil of the salad dressing and softens it right up.  I've also been throwing kale in all my pho and noodle dishes and into smoothies as well.  

GREEN TEA: Don't get me wrong, I'm a coffee drinker, through and through (except during that weird phase in 2006 when I stopped drinking it for a few months, until we went to Vietnam and then I started drinking it again..with a passion), but I've been trying to drink more tea.  My friend Sarah is really great about cutting caffeine from her life and she drinks a lot of tea. I keep hearing about tea and how great it is for you and blah blah blah, I started drinking it in the afternoons, after my workout while I'm working, and I have to say I'm really enjoying it.  It's a much less intense vibe than coffee and I feel cleaner each time I suck down a green tea, plus, in addition to hydrating, that box boasts that it has antioxidants, and antioxidants seem like they're really important. 

WHOLE EATING: Ever since we got back from our trip, I've been trying to eat way better.  Not that we were eating particularly badly on the road, because we really weren't, but I want to really be concious of eating quality food. Working from home, too, is tough on my eating plan.  

My sister-in-law can attest that Ian and I rarely eat normal meals.  We have coffee and a snack in the morning, then workout, inhale something when we get back, around 12, and then go for hours and hours and hours with nothing in between.  Every time I go over to Elizabeth's house I walk in and say, "I'm so hungry, I haven't eaten all day, we have no food in our house." and then she feeds me, but that isn't true--we do have food, it's just not food I want to eat--it's usually the leftover processed crap after we've inhaled all the fruits and veggies we bought earlier in the week.  

So, I'm try to be more intentional about feeding myself so that Elizabeth doesn't have to feed me.   I want to put foods into my body that I'm fairly sure they come from a good place in the world--be it free range chicken eggs or organic produce or fair trade coffee, it all sounds rather hipster and "the thing to do", but the fact is, I want to know about my food and know about its origins.  This isn't to say a great burger doesn't appeal to me still, because it certainly does, but I'm in my's time to be responsible about what I eat and what I sustain myself with each day.  

VEGETABLES:  All the vegetables, all the time.  I find myself just craving roasted beet salads, peas, baby carrots, spinich, green peas, heck, even celery.  Eating that much fresh stuff, though, means more trips to the store than I would prefer (and more than my wallet would prefer too).  I'm cursing myself for not putting up more produce this summer--sure, I did about 100 lbs of tomatoes in September, but that's it. My sister is really into pickles lately and has about 10 different pickling ocntractions at her house, so perhaps some of her motivation will rub off on me.  We did pickle some peppers and carrots the other day and they were fabulously great, but not that fresh from the garden taste I was going for....

GRAPEFRUIT:  I could eat grapefruit morning noon and night.  Easily.  And then a little between in betwen too.  One of my favorite ways to eat grapefruit is in salads--arugula, fresh grapefruit, some avocado, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper--it's the absolute best and freshest tasting item in my kitchen right now.  

ROASTED BEETS and ROASTED BRUSSEL SPROUTS:  These are both my go to winter vegetable.  I love making both, though I definitely make brussel sprouts way more frequently.  For both, you just turn on the oven to about 425, lightly coat the sprout or beet with olive oil and salt and pepper and stick 'em in for about 30 minutes (beets longer, brussels a bit less) and they're good to go. These are, of course, a great side dish, but can also be successfully eaten for breakfast the following morning!


Dream of Spring.

Keep counting the days until the sand is warm again. 

It's coming, my friends, I just know it.