Dolly Parton. Enough Said.


I am a huge country music fan.  I have been listening to country since Dori introduced me to Reba McEntire with all her red haired goodness way back in the early 1990s.  But it wasn't until recently that I developed a deep love and respect for Ms. Dolly Parton. And my recent rededication to the blonde beauty might be fueled by my viewing of the Dolly Parton Drunk History episode (which only paints her as what she is--a genius with a big heart).  

 But regardless of how I stumbled my way towards Dolly, I would just like to note for the record, that this broad can sing.  

She is amazing.

And I adore her.

And each time I crank up her version of Jolene, I realize that the Zac Brown Band, while amazing, ain't got nothing on her.  

Thank you, Dolly, for getting me through this week of culling, editing, blogging and attempting to find some order to this busy September.