Nick & Leah. Muskegon Shoreline Inn Wedding.

Nick and Leah met in high school. And they've been together ever since. So...that's pretty much awesome. I LOVED this couple. They were both so sweet and so, so, so laid back. There are a few photos of Leah below where she is literally shrugging her shoulders in an "Well, that's ok!" manner--and that's how they both acted throughout the day. There was no stress and no anxiety at all from these two; it was literally as though they had been waiting their whole lives to get married and as long as that happened by the end of the day, then all was good. A great example? Right before she was set to walk down the aisle, it started thundering in the distant background--Leah's reaction? "It's ok, let's do this"--and it was ok. No rain, no thunder, no lighting, just love and happiness and joy.

Also, I know what you're thinking--that VEIL! It was even more amazing in real life, if that's possible.  Worn by lots of women from Leah's family, Leah rocked it for the ceremony and then removed it to ensure it stayed safe for generations to come.  Still, I found myself drooling....I mean, so beautiful!

Congratulations Nick and Leah!

Venue: Shoreline Inn, Muskegon, Michigan