Happy Monday! Busy Week!

Happy Monday--I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! For a few minutes there it actually felt like summer on Saturday, didn't it?  That makes me smile for sure!

We had a busy, busy weekend--lots going on. Our dear Subaru has seen the inside of a car repair shop for the last time and it's time to trade her in for something a bit more reliable, so we spent Saturday checking out all our options and making a plan for a new vehicle--today we're in the final stages of the decision process. Very exciting!  We also had a great dinner with Ian's aunt Jan and her boyfriend, Paul, at their beautiful home in Rockford--Paul's a landscape architect/horticulturalist, so his house is just chocked to the gills with beautiful plants and trees.  Sunday morning, bright and early, we headed out to the Allegan Antique Market and, while it was cold, we had a great time, meeting up with my mom, sister and Wally and Ian's sister. We left empty handed, which was fine since we have no money with a new car on the horizon, but had a great time nevertheless. We stopped in Holland on the way home to have a Bloody Mary (the build your own Bloody Mary bar at New Holland Brewing is seriously....like...where has it been all my life? Love it) with Josh and then to Andrew's house for a hello.  Yesterday evening I made a really great Thai Asian salad and we watched some Northern Exposure.  

Resting and recuperating from work this weekend was super important, especially as we look at the calendar for the coming months. This weekend marks the beginning of our official 2014 wedding season and it is packed. 

We're off to Chicago this weekend to celebrate with Bridget and Eric, next week to party with Mary and Bert and then ending the month back in Chicago with Grazyna and Jeff.  And that's only May! Looking at the June calendar is enough to make my head spin--the good thing, though, is that every one of our couples for the coming months are just so much fun, unique, in love and all in all fantastic people, so we are very much looking forward to what's to come.

This week I'm trying desperately to finish 3 weddings so there will be a lag in blog posts, probably until Thursday--but then, you'll get to see a gorgeous Arizona wedding at an arboretum and a fantastic Pop Up in Santa Fe! Stay tuned for some desert beauty!