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If you're like me, you might be feeling let down by our current government? Maybe let down is too nice of a word? Feeling scared AF or as though you need to grow your tribe? I'll be real--I don't know how many more times I can call Justin Amash's office and express to Amanda (who always answers the phones and knows me by name now) that I'm "SUPER WORRIED ABOUT THESE TWEETS." Sometimes do you just feel like you're yelling into a vacuum? Yeah, me too. I GET IT.  

So, randomly (as all things tend to happen in my world), I threw an idea out on Instagram stories last week for a Woke Folk Meet-Up in Grand Rapids, mid-July, and it seems you guys are as desperate for community as I am. Let’s do this! Fill out the form below to stay updated!

Thanks for heading over to the Woke Folk Meet-Up.  I’m still in the planning stages, but here’s what I can tell you about it thus far:

  • Mid July, mid-week
  • Likely at my house on the back porch
  • Limited to 25 attendees
  • Snacks, drink, dogs, challenging and critical conversation, laughs, maybe a few tears.

I have big plans to offer a rad fundraiser too to support the Alliance for the Great Lakes at this night. There might be a t-shirt involved....


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What would you like to focus on during our time together?
Women's issues/Planned Parenthood attacks
LGBTQ issues
Supreme Court
Health care
Education/Betsy DeVos
Black Lives Matter
Gun violence/NRA
Steve Bannon and the other Scary Guys
Russia (not Philip and Elizabeth Jennings)
Muslim Ban (just typing that makes me sick)
The Wall ("It will be a very good wall. The best wall!")
Great Lakes/Environment
Heck...all of it!