Sunday 'Venturing. Michigan Life.


As I mentioned earlier this week, we had a houseguest in town for the weekend.  While I can't really reveal yet what we're working on with him, I can say that it will be pretty cool. During the weekend, even though we were totally burning the candle at both ends, we had a chance to let down a little and explore on Sunday evening.  

While I do secretly love going, going, going, it also takes it toll on me, both physically (insert the cold from H E double hockey sticks that is STILL here, some 5 days later) and spiritually--I find myself working for so many hours a day that I don't take the necessary time to stop, slow down, and really love on the beautiful place we live or spend time with Ian and Tasha or spend time alone.  


It was great, then, when our guest suggested we spend the sunset down on the water at the State Park on Sunday evening.  One of my favorite things in the world is watching someone who has never really experienced Lake Michigan up close see it for the first time.  Now, our houseguest has seen Lake MIchigan, many times, but he had never seen it in Grand Haven, and despite what anyone may say, the Lake is different in every spot--The Chicago Lake is very different from the Grand Haven Lake just as the Grand Haven Lake is very different from the Leelanau Lake, so watching him experience the Sunday sunset and play on the beach with us was just great. 


We wandered down for the end of the sunlight, with Tasha, of course, and the 4 of us had a great time--Ian drawing a huge potato guy, Tasha running like a puppy, me playing the the 50mm (the least used lens in my bag, which is a shame), walking in the bathwater warm water, watching swimmers, convincing Ian that swimming without a wetsuit when he had a nasty cold was not a good idea, sitting and watching the sunset, reflecting on the weekend and the week--it was a wonderful way to end a weekend of non-stop action.  


I've had quite a few people ask what we are going to do after we return from our roadtrip--if we'll stay living in Grand Haven, move up North to Empire, move to Grand Rapids, move somewhere else all together, and I don't have an answer for them.  I think both of us foresee ourselves staying in Michigan--it's pretty obvious we love this state (I mean, we did have a Michigan themed wedding, after all), but that part of our lives isn't necessarily planned out yet.  I am so grateful that we never bought a home in Chicago that we needed to sell or that we didn't stay living in a city that wasn't meant for us, but that doesn't mean that knowing where the next steps are is any easier.  If the perfect opportunity in California, or South Carolina, or Hawaii or New Mexico presented itself, it would be a conversation to have, but for now, for tonight, living in Michigan and having this lake as my front yard is more than enough for me.  


I absolutely love the texture and color variation of the sand--and I love the sunsets in the Fall--they are so much richer and last so much longer than the summer sunsets. 


This is Cherry Lodge, the old cottage that is right at the end of our "street"--it's occupied in the summer by a family from Grand Rapids, but they hardly use it at all in the winter (most cottages are not winterized here, we are the exception) and our neighbors, Dale and Karen, go here to watch the sunsets every night in the summer.  Before they left to go back to Minneapolis, Dale took me down here and showed me how great (and easy access) the full sunset is from this spot.  I also cannot get over the glow of the light on the side of the pink building--beyond beautiful.