adjusting to living away from friends.


Well, this was not the post I was planning to write today.  I was planning to write about public education, and while I still fully intend to get going on that tomorrow, at this point it's late, I've had 2 glasses of wine, shot a family session in an orchard and am making chili, so I have little to no capabilities to wax poetic about the failure of public education in America.

I do, however, have the ability to post about the massive adjustment both myself and Ian have been experiencing when it comes to living away from our friends after our move back to Michigan.  Let me start by stating that right now, as I type, a big group of my friends from Chicago are all sitting in some fabulous restaurant in the city, toasting to Sarah, who has, for the past 365 days, written a blog about her life with Rheumatoid Arthritis called Year of Fun.  364 days ago, I sat in Sarah and Danny's living room when she told us during a game of "highs and lows" that she was going to start this blog.  And now, 364 days later, I am not with that group of friends, celebrating her success, but rather sitting in a very quiet porch, listening to cicadas and observing Tasha attempt to finish her food for the day (seriously, why is it such a chore for her?).  And I'll be honest---I really wish I were in Chicago.  

Not because I miss an ounce of the city (honestly, I truly do all), but because I miss my friends. I want to be there to recognize the awesome journey that Sarah has experienced, and, as someone who has read her blog religiously for the past 365 days, I feel like I'm letting not only her, but also myself down.  She and that whole group are a huge part of our lives...and even though we now live 2.5 hours away, I still hope to be part of that group.  

I miss the people with whom I built relationships and friendships over the 7 years we lived there.  I miss the intense conversations and the hysterical laughter that always resulted from a game of Loaded Questions and I miss being able to call up anyone to grab a drink or meet at a yoga class--even though I absolutely 100% believe that moving here was the BEST decision for me and for Ian at this point in our lives, it is true that we are very much reestablishing all our relationships with others...and there are many days when it's just the two of us.  And while that is amazing and wonderful, it is also hard.

Real Talk: Relocation, especially in your 30s, is a huge transition.  

So, the reality is, I miss my friends.  I miss hanging out with them and having a constant stream of hilarity.  But I am also beyond grateful to be here and to be experiencing this chapter.  I guess this is what is commonly referred to as a Catch 22-you can't have it all.  We can't live in this beautiful area and have all of our friends next to us.  And yet we can't live in the city anymore and feel that we are whole or satisfied with our surroundings. Do I love living here?  Yes.  Do I miss my friends? Yes. 

At any rate, a huge congratulations to Sarah for all she has done this year.  I can't wait to see all of these crazy people when I'm back in Chicago in a week for a few days.  Xoxo to all of you--I (we) love you and miss you. 

Oh, and I'll also show you some pictures of these folks.  Since I know you're dying to know what they look like.