Beautiful Things Are Happening

Tuesday is here--it's raining, but who cares? We need the rain and it smells like Springtime.

The past few weeks some truly lovely things have happened--

4 (!) of my really good friends have had babies in within days of each other. I've been able to meet 3 of the babes already and all 3 are absolutely, hands down perfect. 

We are moving into our house in Grand Rapids this week and, for the first time in a year, we will have a dishwasher, a full size stove and a queen bed that we can sleep in. Together.

The education stars are starting to align and I am seeing some amazing opportunities dropping into my life. Fingers crossed that they will be the right ones and that it will come together as I think it might.

The weather has been knock down, drag out, flipping for real fantastic and we've been able to soak in some Northern Michigan summer between sanding floors and installing windows.  

Busy season is back, made only busier by this move and job interviews left and right, but it feels good to be back with our couples and working with them to make sure their day is as lovely as can be.

Happy Tuesday, all! I hope all is wonderful in your neck of the woods.