Ms. Kate. Michigan Boudoir Photography.

I haven't blogged this session yet, which is a shame, because it was wonderfully fun! 

I met Kate through my favorite website A Practical Wedding and we became good friends--she and her fiance live only about 20 minute away from us and it took the nationwide internet to bring us together--ahh well, it worked out well!  In the Fall Kate asked about doing a boudoir session and I was super excited to oblige--she's gorgeous and fun, so I knew that it would go great--and it did! Kate was all about rocking her massive collection of intimates and the afternoon flew by with some fabulous photos as a result.  

Boudoir sessions area awesome, ladies. I know I keep saying it, but there is no better way to make yourself feel like totally sexy awesome-sauce.  

I'll let Kate say in her own words how the experience went:

"THE PHOTOS ARE AWESOME!!!!  Holy crap!  They are so bright, and gorgeous, and pretty, and and AND!!!  I have no idea how you did that!  You were absolutely right, the makeup totally ended up looking fine!  This is going to sound weird, but you made me look so pretty!  True story - I was kinda nervous about seeing the photos, b/c I was having a fat day & was sure it'd show up in everything.  But they turned out wonderfully!


I'm also running a Valentine's Day Boudoir Discount--sessions that are usually $350 are being offered at $250--these make fabulous gifts!  Get in touch today to book a session and I'll make sure your photos are edited beautifully and ready for a February 14 delivery!

Without further ado---the photos!