Lisa and Michael's Elegant Grand Rapids Wedding.

Michael and Lisa were a truly lovely couple to work with on a truly lovely day. Seriously, they were fantastic. This wedding was over the top gorgeous and elegant and Lisa and Michael made it even more special with the way they approached the day. They were both so relaxed and kind, and thoughtful and chill, and kept the entire day focused on their marriage and their love.  I really, really, really enjoyed working with them and their families. Even though this wedding was on the more "formal" side of those I often shoot, it was a great way for me to round out the month of August. I know I say this with every wedding, but it's the people who make it special.  A wedding can have all the details in the world, but if the love between the couple isn't there, then the wedding isn't special. Lisa and Michael brought the love (I mean, could these two be any cuter? I highly doubt it--just look at their couples photos) and the rest took care of itself. Thank you so much to Lisa and Michael and their families--you truly were special and truly were wonderful.

A couple favorite shot details below:

--Mike's look when he first sees Lisa in the church--priceless

--Lisa's dad passed away several years ago, but she has a small part of his monogrammed shirt which her sister pinned under her dress so he could be with her on the day.

--The wedding cake Lisa and Michael cut is a replica of her parents' wedding cake!

--That. Veil. in front of the Grand Rapids map. Amazing.

--Loving the mother/daughter and son/mom vibe at this wedding; lots of good feels and obvious family love!

--A sparkler exit is never a bad idea. In fact it's always a great idea.

--There was a Yesterdog delivery at 10pm. Total boom scenario.

With that, enjoy!


Church: La Grave Avenue Church

Reception: St. Cecilia Musical Society

Dress: Jenny Choo

Groom's Suit: Men's Wearhouse

Bridesmaids Dresses and Suits: Jenny Choo & Mens Wearhouse

Hair: Joel Curtis

Makeup: Leslie Studios/Mary Leslie

DJ: Chris Mills

Catering: Gilmore Collection

Cake: Alicia Johnson/Grand Rapids Cakes

Florist: Allison Ludema/Ludema's Florist

Evening snack: Yesterdog

Second Shooters: Ian DeGraaf and Briana Russcher