Megan and Duncan's Golden Hour Sunset Ceremony + a Hand Restored Barn.

I still have them--those weddings that I just NEED to shoot, regardless of the timing, schedule, price point or weekend upon which they fall.  Those magical weddings that come into my inbox via a contact form and leave me saying, out loud usually, "OMG. Yaaas queeeen!"  Megan and Duncan's was such a wedding.

When Megan got in touch about a year ago about shooting her wedding over Labor Day weekend near Chelsea, MI, I'll admit, I was a bit skeptical. Labor Day weekend is sort of like my holy weekend and I rarely book weddings right before the school year starts, yet when Megan started sharing some details about their day, I found myself nodding along and agreeing to it all. A few things:

--She and Duncan and their families worked tirelessly for over a year to restore the barn on his parents' land near Chelsea for the site of the wedding.

--They put in a FLOOR, guys. A floor. By hand.

--Duncan's mom, Lynn, is an amazing professional long arm quilter who recently wrote a book about her quilting.  

--There were going to be chickens, homemade food, craft beer and lots of cakes.

--Her family wrote a Wedding Opera/Song/Play for her and Duncan. And like...all these family members played and sang and showered them with amazingly beautiful musical love.

--Everyone here appeared to be musical.  And also really into high quality food.

--The groom grew up in possibly the COOLEST farmhouse and the bride's family lived a field away in a home that had a garden which made my heart skip (my only regret is not getting more shots of the homes here....they were awesome).  I am nearly 100% possible that if either family had invited myself and Briana to stay...oh say, forever, we totally would have done so. 

--The ceremony would be held after dinner, during the golden hour right before the sun sets....

(I'll be honest, when Megan said this, I was like, "Umm..a bride who thinks about the light? Done and done.")

Enjoy the photos, guys. This one was a real beauty. As were the couple. It was a knockdown, drag out, love fest.

Second shooter: Briana Russcher

Catering: Satchels BBQ of Ann Arbor

Dress: The Bride Project

Cakes/Desserts: A joint effort from family and friends (and Megan!)

DJ/Band: Family and friends (I truly think we saw like....25 family members toting instruments around this day. We kept thinking all the instruments had arrived and then we'd turn around and see someone pushing like....a huge cello up the driveway. It was amazingly awesome.

Florals: Sophia Pappas and  Of The Flowers (Sophia was also a bridesmaid and these flowers were.....just unreal!)