Carmen Sandiego Style AKA My Life

It's been almost 30 days since I last was in the city of Chicago, and today I am here--for 6 hours.  I am sitting in one of my favorite places in this city, Bang Bang Pie Shop, waiting on a couple of meetings with clients and my amazingly awesome creative partner assistant intern extrodinairre Sarah, and I figured it's time to do a post about my whereabouts, my future plans and all those other little details that I find myself explaining more frequently than I would wish.  I'll break it down: 


On June 28, I left Chicago with the dog, about 2 weeks worth of clothing, all my cameras and my computer.  I stayed in Grand Haven for 7 days until my mom kicked me out so her renters could move in.  Then I spent a few days in limbo, living out of my mother's house in Grand Rapids and being constantly reminded that my dog sheds a lot.  Around the 4th of July, we hauled the Airstream up north to our small piece of land in Empire, Michigan.  We spent the 4th of July week and the week leading up to our 5th anniversary party cleaning out the derelict farmhouse, driving a pickup truck to the dump more times than I would like to count and visiting the Grand Traverse County metal scrapyard with pounds upon pounds of scrap metal.  After our amazing anniversary party on July 13, Ian went back to Chicago, I went to Grand Rapids for a week of editing and sending out one of the most amazing weddings I have ever shot--Emily and Sam's Lake Tahoe celebration.  Then Friday morning, we jumped in the car, headed to Detroit for a Friday evening wedding, up earl Saturday morning and headed back to Empire for a Leelanau County wedding, then back to Grand Rapids yesterday and now to Chicago today.  After my meetings today, I'm headed back to Grand Rapids for the night, to have breakfast with my lovely Leigh Ann, and then up to Empire for the rest of the month to document the cherry harvest and Horse Shows by the Bay.  


All that being said, what's the plan for the next 365 days?  Well, it's all up in the air (which is equal parts awesome and terrifying).  We'll move out of Chicago on August 13 and into Grand Haven.  We'll be in Grand Haven until around October 20th at which point we'll be hitting the road with the old girl (the Airstream)--down South for most of the winter, shooting the heck out of weddings in Colorado, Texas, South and North Carolina and then back to Michigan to pick up our regular wedding business starting again in March. Phew! 


It's a pretty amazing journey we are embarking upon and while I definitely have moments of panic about paying for health insurance and the like, I can honestly say I couldn't be more excited to start this year--between moving back to Michigan, starting the rehab on our house and traveling with my adorable husband in an Airstream, I count myself as pretty damn lucky.   


Thanks for continuing to support and read this little blog.  I swear I'll update it more often (my goal is 4 posts a week)!