eve's play date.

I was thrilled when my good friend Linda and her husband Derek won the free photo shoot I gave away last August (I swear, it wasn't rigged!).  They are such a wonderful couple and to top off the sweetness of the family, they welcomed little Eve into their lives just over two years ago.  When Eve first came into the world, like all babies, she was sort of quiet....little...and slept a lot.  Not anymore! As she has grown up into a toddler, she has become quite the firecracker of fun.  She loves to play and Linda, knowing her daughter well, requested we do the photo shoot at one of Eve's favorite playgrounds.   The afternoon was great fun, focusing mostly on Eve and her antics, I was able to capture a little of that two-year old spirit that leaves us far too quickly.  We capped off the day with some family shots by the Humboldt Park lagoon, though Eve was more interested in swimming than sitting, she still indulged us for a few wonderful moments.  Thanks so much, Linda, Derek and Eve!