Current Obsessions: Emily's Life

NOTE: We are supposed to be moving out of our condo in like 2 days so instead of packing up the last 4 years of my life, obviously I am making a Polyvore board.  Procrastination at its finest.  Have a great weekend all! The next time I blog it will be from my Airstream in Michigan! Happy dance!!! 

Current Summer 2013 Obsessions: 

1) Aztec print wrap cardigan--this is perfect for those chilly Northern Michigan nights in the Airstream when I'm up late editing beautiful weddings. 

2) White lacey shirt from Anthropologie--Gahhh! I bought this a year ago and didn't wear it until I rediscovered it in May.  So glad I did.   

3) Lookmatic wooden frames--I am almost legally blind (seriously, it's self diagnosed, but I'm pretty sure it's true), so I mostly wear contacts, but let me tell you that Lookmatic (and Warby Parker for that matter) are so great--$90 for perscription glasses that are cute and durable? Boom, I'm sold.  

4) Essie Bikini So Tiny nail polish--Found this when I was mailing nail polishes to my 2014 brides and thought "What the heck? I'll try it." It has not left my toesies since.  I love this color so much and I am not usually a blue/green/purple polish kind of girl. 

5) Worishofer sandals--My good friend Julie introduced me to these sandals a couple years ago.  They are the most comfortable thing invented ever.  You can walk all day in the them and they are the perfect height too.  I have 2 pairs but plan to get about 10 more in all different colors.  And they are available via Amazon Prime.  Get some, you will not be disappointed.  

6) Gap Always Skinny Jeans--I have been on the search for a good pair of flattering skinny jeans forever.  I love the BDG ones from Urban, but they must be worn with boots which isn't exactly appropriate in August.  The Gap Always Skinny jean is awesome--I actually bought a pair of these in the Fall and then the zipper broke and they sat in the "going to the dry cleaners" pile for 3 months. Finally this summer I had my mom fix them (because moms are amazing like that) and now I can't stop wearing them.  Planning to stock up in multiple colors. 

7) Awesome wood framed Ray Ban knockoffs---A bride wore some similar to these at a wedding I photographed in June and I fell in love.  I haven't actually found these yet, but I am on the lookout.....too. damn. cute.