I'm Still Here!

 I knew some of you would get this reference.

I knew some of you would get this reference.

It's been a minute since I've done a blog post with any personal substance to it and my deep apologies for that.  Truth be told, I'm swamped and doing my very best to take it a day at a time, but that means certain things are falling by the wayside--one of them being keeping the blog up to date.  I try to blog 4-5 days a week, but as May and June get here, I think it's going to be more like 2-3 days a week, maybe even less.  

But a few things to keep you all updated on:

1) We bought a new car! The Subaru is no more and we are now the proud owners of a Toyota 4 Runner and I couldn't be happier. We've wanted a 4 Runner for just about as long as I can remember and we found a great one at a small used car lot in Holland after test driving every other car in the world.  We brought her home a week ago and it's been love ever since!

2) LOTS of weddings-- Somehow, I have no idea how, I managed to finish all our weddings and Pop Ups from the trip by my self-imposed deadline of May 3. It was a LOT of late nights, but all the galleries are out to clients (and they seem happy!) and I was able to head out to this weekend with no catch up haunting me--so, last weekend we went to Chicago in a whirlwind for 16 hours to shoot Eric and Bridget's beautifully elegant wedding, then jumped in the car and drove home to Michigan that same night (I love sleeping in my bed, what can I say?), getting home about 2:00am. This weekend we are heading off to Journeyman Distillery for Mary and Bert's wedding which is going to be fantastic...plus, Ian is officiating it! So that makes it even more fun. PLUS, we get to stay at Elephant Walk. Which is....so damn cool.  Cannot wait.

3) I've 100% booked for 2014--That's right, I'm officially saying it--No more weddings for 2014 will fit on the calendar! I know I've said it before, but really, this time, I'm done. I booked 2 weddings this week--a celebration in Chicago for August and a dear childhood friend in Michigan for October and that's it folks, we're all full.  Now...onto 2015.

4) Our friends are coming! We're having some friends over in a week and I cannot wait. I know that sounds really silly, but we haven't had a whole lot of time to see some of the people who mean the most to us between so much travel and work, so we invited a lot of our West Michigan and a couple Chicago buddies to Grand Haven next weekend for some food, drinks, stories and hopefully at least one round of Running Charades. I can't wait to see everyone and spend time (my only free weekend until July) relaxing and giggling.

5) I'm officially rebranding!  This is SO exciting.  It finally decided it was time and I bit the bullet, hired an amazing design firm based out of Oklahoma City, and I'm moving forward with a total rebrand/brand overhaul/identity crisis.  I'll write more about this in another post, but for now let's just say that I am OVER THE MOON happy with what Cooper House has done for me so far, and we only started this work a week ago. I absolutely cannot wait to see what they are able to do with their mad skills and my random, somewhat incoherent babble. But I have no doubt it's going to be fantastic and will help me bring my business to a totally new place for 2015.


Ok, probably lots more to share, but for now I'm off to Grand Rapids for a few errands (including buying my BFF one of the BEST "we're having a baby!" cards I've ever seen in my life and I know she is going to literally wet herself when it arrives in the mail).  Have a great Wednesday, all!