Are you a Pop Up couple? Rolling Elopements.

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Something I've been thinking about  is "Who is the couple to get a Pop Up?"


I think any of the following may be a Pop Up couple: 

1) A couple who is totally over the wedding industry (Ummm...honestly, is it just me or is this a crazy industry--leave it behind! I promise I'm fun!)

2) A couple who wants it simple (You pull up, and we have it ALL taken care of for you--the picnic, the booze, the ceremony, the pretty site, and the photography? It's DONE!)

3) A couple who wants to keep it mega small (remember, you can only bring along 20 peeps, so your great Aunt Sally will understand if she doesn't make the cut...darn.)

4) A couple who wants to just runaway from it all (with the Pop Up, you can! And no need to run all the way to scuzzy Vegas...come to North Carolina...or Michigan...or Texas where it's pretty and lovely and not riddled with prostitutes.)

5) A couple who has a load of family issues (The parents got divorced three years ago...and then they got remarried...and then divorced again...and now your mom can't even LOOK at your dad, especially when he wears those plaid golf pants.)

6) The couple who wants to make a vacation out of their wedding (Built in honeymoon? Duh).

7) The couple who just wants a really great story to tell their kids one day (Well, little Johnny, when your momma and I were real young, we went a bit crazy and gosh, darn, we just done ran off to the desert near Santa Fe, and were married in front of an Airstream! )

8) The couple who is on a major budget (put all that moolah towards travel and fun! )

9) The couple who has been together for 10 years and is looking for a memorable vow renewal experience. 

10) Basically, anyone could be a Pop Up couple.  It's ALL taken care of for you! How low stress could that be?! 

On another note--Apparently lots of you love the idea of the Pop Up, which is awesome!! And I had a few of you inquiring about bringing it to this state or that state or this city or that city.  Sorry, guys, the only places we can do the Pop Up for 2013/14 are above--we worked hard to create cities that are a variety of vibes and energy, so hopefully this list is a pretty good mix of the folks who would want to see a Pop Up.