Boot Essentials. Fashion Fridays.

Happy Friday, all!  Here's your next of Fashion Fridays--it's all about boots today. 

Now, as most of us know, boots came onto the scene hot and heavy a couple years ago and they haven't gone away yet.  But I'm not here to talk about how great boots in skinny jeans are (We all know that and it's sort of ridic)--I'm here to talk about the importance of a comfortable and well constructed pair of boots and to share with you a few of my own personal favorites. 

First things first--finding a pair of boots is a full-time job.  I'm serious.  I know my husband is rolling his eyes as he reads this, but let me be clear--a good pair of boots is like a good friend--they will take you wherever you need to go and they will always have your back in a rainstorm or a snowy field.  The most important thing when looking for a quality pair of boots is just that--quality.  Full grain leather, a sturdy sole, and quality zippers or straps--no offense, but that's not going to happen from Target, it's just the case.  A good pair of boots will cost you.  But that doesn't mean you can't find great boots online at a huge discount. 

Zappos and 6pm are my 2 go to spots for boots.  My FAVORITE pair from BedStu (more on those in a second) came from Zappos last year at the end of the season and 6pm always has discontinued styles at a huge discount.  I am also a big fan of looking through stores that are going out of business online--such as Smith and Hawken, a few years ago, when I got my Hunters for only $49 (way before the Hunter craze took over, I might add).  Another favorite boot spot is LL Bean.  I wouldn't even consider going through the Signature line--the classic Bean Boot is worth its weight in gold.  Finally, I strongly support perusing Nordstrom's Rack at least 1 time a month. They have tons of great boots from Frye, Ugg, Bed Stu, Enzo and other great brands at nearly half the price. 

Below are a few of my total favorites: 

1) LL Bean Classic Field Boot--You truly cannot go wrong with this boot.  It's not only super comfortable, but also waterproof and perfect for tromping through fields and running to the story. I like these ones because they are a bit higher than the classic boot, and I prefer knowing that snow is not going to come piling into these when tromping around the Grand Haven State Park in January.  These are fab. They are a great deal, they will last forever, you can probably find them at a garage sale, honestly.   I could walk all day in these boots.  

2) Hunter Knee High Wellie--As I said, I got these from Smith and Hawken before the company went out of business several years ago.  I love them--they are perfect for rainy days like we are having lately in Michigan, but they are also very comfortable.  I wear them all the time for walking Tasha on the beach and also with dresses and skirts.  I love my blue color, but they also come in neutrals.  I'm a bright color girl, though!

3) Bed Stu Manchester Boot--Truth be told, these are the best boots I have ever owned in my life.  I know I have already blogged about them, but I cannot get over them. They are that amazing.  I am wearing them right now too.  I wear these at least 5 times a week in the Fall and winter and every time I do, I get compliments on them.  I purchased mine from Zappos last year on a fire sale, but now I see that their full price is $260.  I strongly recommend watching Zappos and 6pm, as these gentlemen will surely go on sale. They are beyond comfortable. I walk miles and miles in these when we travel and have never gotten blisters or sore feet.   

4) Fly Knee Boot:  I bought these years ago at a small store in Holland and I doubt they make this version any more, but they are great.  I wear them constantly with dresses and skirts and always get compliments.  Super comfy (though not as much as the Bed Stu), but also slightly dressier. The version I have have a wedge heel. Full grain leather, quality zippers and great brass buttons down the side.  

5) Blundstone Field Boots:  I got these originally about 11 years ago when my mom and I went to Australia (it makes me sick to think that was 11 years ago).  They are very similar to an English riding paddock boot and I've worn them not only for errands, but also for riding.  I spent an entire summer without paddock boots and used these Blunnies with the polo horses, and they worked just fine.  I love them because they pull on and you can wear them with skinnies or with skirts.  They are a great boot, again, super comfortable and full grain leather.